"For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" is a city-builder strategy game set in ancient egypt.

Egypt, four and a half thousand years ago, pharaohs are ruling over the ancient land at the nile. Your family's destiny is tied to these mighty rulers and to the gods they cherish. Tame the wild on the bank of the nile. Starting with a small group of settlers, your family creates the metropolises of this ancient world. In uncertain times, which can only be caused by war, oppression, resentment and greed for power, the people of your city turn their heads to you, to guide them the way, as a shining star in the dark sky. Through trade and the skills of your craftsmen, you build the monuments that are destined - For Eternity.

Key Features

  • 18 missions long singleplayer campaign with an engaging storyline and over 1 hour of recorded voice overs
  • Story driven through briefings & 150+ unique story events
  • Sandbox mode with unrestricted gameplay (all buildings are buildable)
  • 18+ Unique hand-crafted maps
  • Economy system with more than 20 goods

Further details are available (content list, platform and distribution options) on the product page at and on our Dev-Blog.


"For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" actually started as a game jam game by our main developer. It was based very loosely on the theme that was given.

It's initial design was inspired by Sierra's city-builder series, especialy the game "Pharaoh". One of the most notable differences is that "Pharaoh" is made in 2.5 D, while our game is a full 3D game with 360 degrees of rotation. There are some mayor and minor differences but the core-gamplay is quite similar.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So we made the decision, that this was something worth pursuing. After a deep dive into the project made during the jam we came to the conclusion that it was a good prototype but not something that would meet our expectation of quality of a final product, so we rebuild the whole game from the ground up.

Kickstarter    We will have a Kickstarter campaign from August 20th to September 16th.

Trailers & Videos

All images can be downloaded via a right click on the preview image and "Save Target As".
Additional images like special gifs are available in the downloadable press kit (right side).

The Team

"For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" is made by a multinational team from all over the world. The stroy is written by industry veterans with experience of multiple titles, among them AAA titles like EVE Online. Our music composer worked for Hollywood companies like Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions (wikipedia), Henry Jackman’s Sacred Tiger Music (wikipedia) and Warner Bros. Pictures Music.

Further Informations

If you contact us via and we validated you as press we'll send you further background informations, like the complete audio book of our story. In addtion to that we'll answer all your questions (or at least try), keep you updated on the progress of the games development and provide you with press builds.

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Permission / Disclaimer

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HK Interactive UG
Based near Cologne, Germany

Release date:
Summer 2019

Kickstarter Campaign:
August 20th - September 16th

- PC
(other platforms are possible if they are unlocked through Kickstarter)


Website: &

Text: English and German
Audio: English

Regular Price:

USD $34.99
EUR €29.99
  • Press Kit Background Informations about the game
  • Images Collection of images for you articles
  • Kickstarter - Demo Sandbox / Skirmish Mode One Playable Map Unlimited Play Time
  • 1

Press Contact

We are available for you via eMail at
our community boards on Discord or via our other social media channels:






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