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Gotcha! You all thought that our next category would be "Advanced Service Buildings" but before we come to them we take a deeper look into the "Food Production Buildings".


Water and food are the bare necessities in life. So with the 7 building from this category you can produce
these escential goods for your city's population.




Water is either the source or the destroyer of life. Clean water is sometimes more worth then its weight in gold especially in the dry deserts
of egypt. Whether you are in the dry desert or closer to the dirty water of the nile you can produce clean water through your cisterns.

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Advanced Service Buildings Overview

So this was "Basic Service Buildings" category. Containing only 5 buildings it's the smallest but not the least interesting.

Here is the short overview of the category:

 Category Info - Advanced Service Buildings

and here are the 3d models of the buildings (keep in mind that this is pre alpha footage so they can change and/or be replaced):

Advanced Service Buildings
Advanced Service Buildings

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Justice Court & Mummifier

Our next buildings are 2 camps, the construction and transportation camp. Together with the tent, they are the only buildings that don't need construction work.

Justice Court:

Justice Court

This building is the base for firemen. They reduce the risk of a fire outbreak and in the case of an outbreak they'll try to
extinguish the fire or at least try to stop the flames from further damage.



From this building architect NPCs try to reduce the risk of a building collapse. In cotrast to the firemen archticts can only
reduce the risk but they can't stop a crumbling building from collapsing.

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