For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Doctor's Office

Today we take a look at the doctor's office.

Doctor's Office:

Doctor's Office

"Mens sana in corpore sano" even though this quote is from another culture and much younger (2600 year) there is truth in this words.
Medicine and care provided by a doctors from this building helps you to keep your citizen alive, healthy and strong for all the task you give them.

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Police Station

Today we have only infos about one building, the police station.

Police Station:

Police Station

Even in ancient time there were thieves. One way to protect your citizen and your treasure chest is to
build police station. The policemen based in this building are patrolling your city and try their best to prevent
crime. This will keep your citizen happy and your pockets full.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Fire Station & Architect

Our next buildings are 2 camps, the construction and transportation camp. Together with the tent, they are the only buildings that don't need construction work.

Fire Station:

Fire Station

This building is the base for firemen. They reduce the risk of a fire outbreak and in the case of an outbreak they'll try to
extinguish the fire or at least try to stop the flames from further damage.



From this building architect NPCs try to reduce the risk of a building collapse. In cotrast to the firemen archticts can only
reduce the risk but they can't stop a crumbling building from collapsing.


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